Mental Health Self Care Etiquette:


If you are a mental health therapist, you know firsthand that it is often difficult to balance your work life and home life on the same level. Primarily because we spend so many hours per day consuming our clients “presenting problems,“ but often do not go sit on the other side of the couch ourselves throughout our career.


I am encouraging you today to stop, sit still and really think about how you foresee the next five years in your clinical practice. Do you want to continue to work at your job? Do you want to decrease your hours? Do you want to increase your pay? Do you want to find another job? Do you want to have your own private practice? Do you want to add additional streams of income?

These are things that you definitely want to think about as soon as possible. You are the only roadblock to your greatness.

I chose this picture because it indicates the precision of branding our home life with etiquette. Some therapist are so burnt out, they barely keep their homes clean yet stay on their clients for not “living their best life.”

So how about you start living yours. Pull out a pen and a notepad. Look around your home. Identify things that need to be updated, fixed, cleaned or changed. Just make it happen already. Stop playing. I specifically chose this picture because it is on my vision board for my “new home“ when I move in the next few years. Nevertheless, I have already started revamping my current home because I believe that God will not bless me with a larger home if I cannot take care of the one that I am currently in.

Need help? Type “BRAND ME” 👇🏾


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